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Текст песни henry trap на корейском: ключи макафи антивирус

Aug 23, 2013 . LYRICS Henry – Trap (English Version). Like a kitty in a . Henry – 1-4-3 Official Fanchant KOREAN + ROMANIZATION · 130823 Aug 30, 2013 . Henry Lau Trap (English Version) lyrics: Like a kitty in a cage, / Like a puppy in a box, on a plane 20 июн 2013 Перевод текста песни 'trap' исполнителя Henry Lau с Корейский на Транслитерация.

Trap is the debut solo EP of Chinese-Canadian artist and Super Junior-M member Henry. The lyrics were penned by Misfit who has also contributed to many other songs of various SM Town artists. The album is the same as the Korean edition except a raffle ticket is included inside for Henry's Taiwanese promotions. Jun 7, 2013 Henry Trap Lyrics from 1st mini-Album with english translation, they are not he has 2 version a english one and a korean one and maybe. Jun 6, 2013 Romanization, Korean, Translation. umjigil su eobseo wae naneun mugeowojyeo gagiman hae ne mam guseoge nohyeojin chae nohin chae. Jul 20, 2015 1 explanation, 1 meaning to Trap lyrics by Henry: Henry Umjigil su eobseo wae / Naneun mugeowojyeo gagiman hae / Ne mam guseoge.

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